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Proposed League Changes

Wed 24 May 2017 11:01 Simon Sack

Following the AGM on Monday, we have submitted a number of proposals to Club Secretaries which we hope to be able to ratify at the Fixture Meeting on 11th July. Specifically, these items are:

  1. Change of Rule 5 to read: "Any proposed changes to League rules should be raised at the AGM for discussion and, if applicable, ratification at the Fixture Meeting".
  2. Removal of Tournament Secretary role, with the Committee taking this responsibility on.
  3. The introduction of up to 4 "General Committee Members" in an attempt to increase club involvement in the running of the League. These positions would require a minimum of one club representative per division, with a maximum of two representatives per division. In the first instance, volunteers would be sought, however should these not be forthcoming, lots would be drawn for the teams concerned with the "winner" being obliged to provide a representative for a period of one year. Should a General Committee Member wish to continue their tenure after a period of one year, they would be free to do so given the approval of the Committee.
  4. Hughes and Hallsworth Cup Finals to be moved to a weeknight and to be held at a neutral venue decided once the finalists are known.
  5. A maximum of one bye to be awarded to any Cup team in a season.
  6. The reinstatement of the Individual Tournaments on weeknights at the end of the season, with a further Finals Night to decide all trophies.

We would ask you to discuss these items within your clubs so that Secretaries are aware of club sentiment prior to the vote at the Fixture Meeting.

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