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Whitefield Handicap Tournament Results

Whitefield Handicap Tournament Results

Tue 18 Feb 2014 18:09 David Saunders

Congratulations to the following winners of each of the competitions at the Whitefield League Handicap Tournament that took place on Sunday 16th February at Markland Hill L.T.C.

MS Winner Kaiyaa Eeles (+3)
Runner-up Ben Jackson (+3)
MD Winners James Lowe & Mike Brown (-2)
Runners-up Michael McGarty & Joe Cassidy (+2)
WD Winners Janet Bailey & Lauren Jackson (+1)
Runners-up Kath Spillaine & Sylvia Gill (+3)
XD Winners David Saunders & Amanda Wilkinson (-1)
Runners-up Michael McGarty & Milly Banks (SCR)


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