Whitefield & District Badminton League

/// Hallsworth Cup - 2018/19 Season

Heys A       
Oakgate B  Heys A     
Middleton A  Middleton A  Middleton A   
Bury A      Middleton A 
Oakgate A       
BYE  Oakgate A  Oakgate A   
Markland Hill A  Markland Hill A     

/// Cup Match Dates

Please note that cup matches are to be played the week of the date listed below. It is the reponsibility of the home team to contact the away team and let them know the exact date and time the match is to be played. Cup matches do not necessarily have to be played on the home team's normal match night.

/// Fixtures & Results

Date Home Team Score Away Team
Tue 30/10/18 Middleton A 1 - 0 Bury A
Wed 31/10/18 Heys A 382 - 318 Oakgate B
Wed 28/11/18 Heys A 349 - 358 Middleton A
Fri 30/11/18 Oakgate A 1 - 0 Markland Hill A
Mon 04/03/19 Middleton A 1 - 0 Oakgate A